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Prof. Dr. Imad Hameed Ahmed

Our History

The College of Education for Humanities is an extension of the College of Education, which was established in 1992. It is the fourth college to be founded after the College of Education for Girls, College of Medicine, and College of Engineering at Tikrit University. After the expansion of undergraduate and postgraduate studies, it split into two colleges, the College of Education for Exact Sciences and the College of Education for Humanities, under the University Order No. 7/39/13237 on 26/8/2013. The College of Education for Humanities comprises seven academic departments, including Arabic language, English language, Fine Arts, Educational and Psychological Sciences, History, Geography, and Quranic Sciences. The college aims to continue contributing to society by providing the required scientific specializations. Over the years, it has produced around fifteen generations equipped with knowledge and expertise, using modern learning methods and adopting rigorous scientific research methodologies. The goal is to ensure that the college's graduates are capable of competing in the job market.

The College of Education for Humanities strives, over the next five years, to achieve quality, excellence, and establish a prestigious position on the map of education, educational research, and serving the university and the community, qualifying it to obtain accreditation.

The College of Education for Humanities is committed to pursuing quality and excellence over the next five years. It aims to establish a distinguished position in the field of education, educational research, and service to the university and the community. These efforts will enable the college to meet the requirements for accreditation.

The college aims to prepare educators who have the ability to make a significant contribution to the education, teaching, and guidance of the new generation. These educators are committed to the social and conscious development and have a strong understanding of their nation's history, heritage, and their capacity to contribute to the building of human civilization based on scientific foundation





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