Welcome to the Projects and Construction Department

The Department of Construction and Projects was established as one of the departments of the University Presidency in 1988. At the beginning of its establishment, the work of the Department of Construction and Projects focused on the maintenance of colleges and university and service buildings. With the development and expansion of the university, a special building was allocated to the Department of Construction and Projects to accommodate the increasing number of engineering staff. The mission of the Engineering Affairs Department has become more broad and comprehensive, as follows:

1. Preparing the university’s annual building projects plan

2. Supervising the preparation of designs and plans for projects

3. Supervising the implementation of college buildings, laboratories, and private buildings at the university

The number of engineers working on the permanent staff of the Construction and Projects Department is sixty male and female engineers, in addition to the department director, divisional officials, technicians, and administrators, distributed among the main divisions of the department, which are (Implementation Division, Planning Division, and Follow-up Division).


For contact information, please refer to the official Email: 

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The department translates the university's strategies for horizontal and vertical expansion, as horizontal expansion includes creating appropriate conditions for opening new colleges and departments at the university through the construction of suitable buildings, as well as equipping and installing the latest equipment and laboratories through professionally prepared tables of quantities.

Tikrit University is deeply committed to providing exceptional higher education that adheres to rigorous international standards. The core mission of Tikrit University is to actively pursue leadership and place significant emphasis on meeting the demands of the job market by ensuring that its educational programs foster the development of scientific and educational skills. Moreover, the university places great value on conducting meticulous and ethically grounded scientific research. Such research is approached systematically, employing robust methodologies and frameworks to ensure the attainment of global excellence in academic pursuits.

1. Tikrit University is dedicated to equipping students with advanced technical skills in their respective fields of specialization, enabling them to effectively navigate and adapt to the rapid technological changes taking place worldwide. The university emphasizes the development of highly skilled professionals who are capable of staying abreast of the latest advancements and contributing to technological innovation and progress.

2. Tikrit University recognizes the importance of bridging the gap between traditional scientific curricula and modern scientific approaches. It aims to create a dynamic and forward-thinking educational environment that aligns with future aspirations. By integrating innovative teaching methodologies and keeping pace with emerging scientific trends, the university ensures that its students are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Furthermore, Tikrit University strives to establish an applied scientific and research ecosystem that extends beyond the confines of the campus. It seeks to foster an environment of collaboration and interaction with industry and the wider professional community. By actively engaging with the practical aspects of the field and promoting open dialogue, the university cultivates a fruitful exchange of ideas and knowledge that enriches both academia and the professional sphere.


Tikrit University experienced remarkable growth, leading to the establishment of additional colleges. The expansion began with the Mixed Education College and culminated in the College of Education, which later underwent a division into two branches: the College of Education for Humanities and the College of Education for Applied Sciences in 2013. As a result, the university now encompasses an array of colleges that offer diverse academic disciplines.


Tikrit University aspires to become the premier hub of scientific exploration and talent cultivation in Iraq, serving as the primary source for highly skilled graduate technicians


Tikrit University operates as a Collegiate University, comprising 22 Colleges, 8 Centers and Departments, as well as numerous other institutions, centers


The university, through their expertise, reputation, and facilities, can attract new businesses into their communities or states

Application Guide

This guide explains how to apply for graduate study at Tikrit University, including how to complete the application form and provide supporting documents