Message, Vision and Goals


Tikrit University is a specialized institution that caters to the market's demands and requirements in the field of renewable energy. It provides excellent education and training to thousands of students, equipping them with valuable academic skills.

Professional Teachers

Tikrit University offers a wide range of academic programs across various disciplines, including sciences, humanities, engineering, and medicine. The university is committed to providing high-quality education and maintaining academic standards that can prepare you for a successful future.

Research Opportunities

The University actively engages in research and provides opportunities for students to participate in research projects. This can help you develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills and make meaningful contributions to your field.

Qualified Faculty

Tikrit University boasts a team of dedicated and qualified faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. You'll have the chance to learn from experienced professors who can guide and mentor you.

Networking Opportunities

Being part of Tikrit University allows you to build a network of contacts and friendships with fellow students, faculty, and professionals that can be valuable throughout your academic and professional journey.


Tikrit University aspires to become the premier hub of scientific exploration and talent cultivation in Iraq, serving as the primary source for highly skilled graduate technicians who possess exceptional intellectual, emotional, and practical capabilities. With a forward-looking approach, Tikrit University aims to spearhead development planning across Iraq, serving as the cornerstone for achieving sustainable progress in the country. It envisions itself as a center for cognitive and applied sciences, elevating the knowledge pyramid to the highest echelons of evaluation and innovation.

Tikrit University is deeply committed to providing exceptional higher education that adheres to rigorous international standards. The core mission of Tikrit University is to actively pursue leadership and place significant emphasis on meeting the demands of the job market by ensuring that its educational programs foster the development of scientific and educational skills. Moreover, the university places great value on conducting meticulous and ethically grounded scientific research. Such research is approached systematically, employing robust methodologies and frameworks to ensure the attainment of global excellence in academic pursuits.

1. Tikrit University is dedicated to equipping students with advanced technical skills in their respective fields of specialization, enabling them to effectively navigate and adapt to the rapid technological changes taking place worldwide. The university emphasizes the development of highly skilled professionals who are capable of staying abreast of the latest advancements and contributing to technological innovation and progress.

2. Tikrit University recognizes the importance of bridging the gap between traditional scientific curricula and modern scientific approaches. It aims to create a dynamic and forward-thinking educational environment that aligns with future aspirations. By integrating innovative teaching methodologies and keeping pace with emerging scientific trends, the university ensures that its students are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Furthermore, Tikrit University strives to establish an applied scientific and research ecosystem that extends beyond the confines of the campus. It seeks to foster an environment of collaboration and interaction with industry and the wider professional community. By actively engaging with the practical aspects of the field and promoting open dialogue, the university cultivates a fruitful exchange of ideas and knowledge that enriches both academia and the professional sphere.


Tikrit University experienced remarkable growth, leading to the establishment of additional colleges. The expansion began with the Mixed Education College and culminated in the College of Education, which later underwent a division into two branches: the College of Education for Humanities and the College of Education for Applied Sciences in 2013. As a result, the university now encompasses an array of colleges that offer diverse academic disciplines.


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TU fosters a worldwide community by extending access to its academic programs, educational services, and employment prospects to qualified individuals from across the globe. Moreover, it cultivates an inclusive learning environment that actively involves students and faculty members from varied backgrounds, thereby promoting diversity and enriching the educational experience.


TU delivers a top-tier, education that effectively addresses the demands of the 23st century. The University continuously assesses and evaluates every facet of its academic model to ensure its ongoing excellence and relevance.


TU is founded on the principle that affordable education is a fundamental right for all qualified individuals, rather than a privilege limited to a select few. The University strives to democratize higher education by providing its programs through distance learning and ensuring that this opportunity remains accessible and affordable for students worldwide.