University Achievements

University Achievements

The University of Tikrit has demonstrated remarkable achievements across diverse disciplines since its establishment in 1987. Originally founded with a sole college, namely the College of Education for Girls, it has since undergone substantial expansion, now encompassing 22 scientific and humanities colleges. Moreover, the university boasts two distinguished research centers, namely the Salahaddin Ayubi Center and the Natural Resources Center, alongside two service centers, the Computer and Informatics Center and the Development and Continuing Education Center.

In addition to its comprehensive academic infrastructure, the university is equipped with a central library, multiple consultancy offices, and a central laboratory. Notably, it has implemented evening study programs within various faculties, including Education, Humanities, Pure Sciences, Arts, Law, Management, Economics, Islamic Sciences, Computer Science, and Mathematics.

The University of Tikrit has adopted a qualitative approach that extends beyond the mere graduation of students, actively assuming a prominent role in serving the community. This commitment is exemplified through collaborative research endeavors conducted with governmental institutions, the provision of services via consultancy offices and clinics, the offering of parallel education programs, and even the production of food items such as milk, eggs, and mushrooms.

Undoubtedly, the university has witnessed significant growth in the realm of postgraduate studies. Following the inception of a Master's program in the College of Education for Girls in 1995, an increasing number of colleges within the university now offer advanced degree programs. Notably, doctoral and diploma programs have been established in select colleges, including the Faculty of Science, the College of Education, and the Department of Media in the College of Arts.

Also, the wonderful design and architectural construction of the university buildings, colleges and facilities, are characterized by distinctive inspiration and practicality to combine the spirit of originality, civilization and history constituting an architectural masterpiece and an authentic landmark

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