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Dr. Ghassan Hamad Abdullah

Our History

The College of Petroleum Process Engineering is considered one of the modern colleges. It began its work in 2010 with simple capabilities and very few cadres. However, its achievements accomplished during this period are great achievements compared to these capabilities. It has witnessed great challenges and many obstacles that it was able to proudly overcome with confidence and determination to continue the educational path. In this college, it seeks to be at the forefront locally and even globally. The specialty of the College of Petroleum Process Engineering is in the field of the oil manufacturing industry and its supporting industries. It includes two departments: the Department of Oil and Gas Refining Engineering, which specializes in: refining crude oil extracted from the ground and treating petroleum products after the refining process, and the Department of Petroleum Systems Control Engineering, which specializes in operations. Central control and management of oil facilities. The college offers various programs in order to prepare highly qualified engineering cadres in the two departments. The college aspires to continuous improvement in terms of quantity and quality to produce a generation of engineers capable of serving their country and actively participating in the process of construction and comprehensive development in all fields of life. The college seeks to create new departments with other rare specializations such as oil and gas engineering and renewable energy engineering that serve the governorate and the country.

Achieving excellence and leadership to reach a prominent position at the level of advanced colleges in the field of the oil industry and its supporting industries.

Serving the community by preparing specialized cadres in the oil industry and its supporting industries.

Preparing specialized cadres equipped with scientific knowledge according to the latest methods in the field of the oil industry and its supporting specialties.

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