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Prof. Dr. Ali Abdul Al Majeed Shihab

Our History

The College of Education was established in the academic year 1991-1992 and was one of the first colleges founded at Tikrit University. It served as the nucleus for the establishment of the College of Education for Applied Sciences. Initially, it included scientific and humanities departments. Its aim was to prepare qualified teaching staff capable of teaching and educating future generations in secondary schools. Additionally, it aimed to enhance the scientific capabilities of the faculty through conducting scientific research, seminars, and conferences where they could share their research and achievements.

To be the leading college among its counterparts in the country, with its scientific staff, graduates, and the provision of consultation, research, and community service.

To enrich the community with scientific talents and competencies through graduates, and to provide rigorous research and consultation services to farmers and agricultural project owners.

The college aims to prepare specialized scientific personnel in all fields of agricultural sciences to contribute to the improvement and development of food manufacturing, animal wealth, increased plant production, and efficient utilization of natural resources in the region and throughout the country. Additionally, it aims to provide consultancy services in all specialized agricultural fields.

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The College of Pure Sciences at Tikrit University provides high-quality education in various scientific disciplines. The teaching approach emphasizes theoretical knowledge and practical skills development. The curriculum covers subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Experienced faculty members utilize innovative teaching methods to engage and inspire students in their learning journey. The college offers modern facilities and laboratories to facilitate hands-on experiments and research. The goal is to equip students with a strong foundation in pure sciences and prepare them for successful careers or further academic pursuits in their chosen fields.


The College of Pure Sciences at Tikrit University conducts research in various scientific disciplines, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. The research aims to advance scientific knowledge, develop innovative solutions, and address challenges in these fields. Collaboration with other institutions and participation in seminars and conferences contribute to knowledge exchange and scientific development.

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