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Prof. Dr. Waad Raouf

Our History

The College of Political Science at Tikrit University was established by virtue of the ministerial order issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, on December 13, 2010. It was previously a department affiliated with the College of Law. Ten batches of specialized students in political science have graduated from the college, after choosing to study at the university. The duration of study in the college is four years, and upon completion, graduates are awarded a Bachelor's degree in Political Science. The language of instruction at the college is Arabic.

To be the leading college among its counterparts in the country, with its scientific staff, graduates, and the provision of consultation, research, and community service.

To enrich the community with scientific talents and competencies through graduates, and to provide rigorous research and consultation services to farmers and agricultural project owners.

The college aims to prepare specialized scientific personnel in all fields of agricultural sciences to contribute to the improvement and development of food manufacturing, animal wealth, increased plant production, and efficient utilization of natural resources in the region and throughout the country. Additionally, it aims to provide consultancy services in all specialized agricultural fields.

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