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Prof. Dr. Marbed S Thmsn

Our History

The College of Arts was established in the academic year 2006/2007, offering programs in Arabic Language and History. The following year, in 2007/2008, the college expanded to include departments in Translation and Media. In the academic year 2008/2009, the Department of Applied Geography was introduced. Evening studies were also introduced in that same year for the departments of Arabic Language, History, Translation, and Media, attracting 258 male and female students. The Department of Applied Geography implemented evening studies in the academic year 2009/2010, enrolling students in the same year. Currently, the College of Arts encompasses six scientific departments, granting a Bachelor of Arts degree in the specializations of Arabic Language, History, Translation, Media, Applied Geography, and Sociology.

The College of Arts at Tikrit University is dedicated to embracing diversity and fostering creative integration in the field of humanities and social sciences. It strives for excellence in education, research, and innovation, with a strong commitment to serving society. The college is determined to maintain its esteemed academic reputation and aims to gain global recognition by meeting rigorous quality standards in all its endeavors.

The College of Arts is dedicated to developing exceptional professionals in scientific disciplines such as Arabic language, history, translation, media, applied geography, and sociology. Its primary goal is to play a prominent scientific role in driving development and promoting innovation across various sectors of the government and private industry. The college aims to equip its graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to keep up with advancements in their respective fields, while also prioritizing community service, quality, and overall university performance.

The college aims to prepare specialized scientific personnel in all fields of agricultural sciences to contribute to the improvement and development of food manufacturing, animal wealth, increased plant production, and efficient utilization of natural resources in the region and throughout the country. Additionally, it aims to provide consultancy services in all specialized agricultural fields.



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