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Prof. Dr. Abdulkhalik Alwan Mohemeed

Our History

The College of Science was established at Tikrit University in 1998. The college includes four scientific departments (life sciences, chemical sciences, physical sciences, and applied earth sciences) in addition to the remote sensing unit. In addition to preparing specialized scientific cadres, the college has activities in the field of training, as it holds many training courses in various scientific specializations that benefit state departments and the mixed and private sectors. The college issues a solid scientific journal entitled (Tikrit Journal of Pure Sciences), at a rate of two issues annually, where it publishes Publishing innovative and distinguished research in the fields of pure science.

Ensuring that the actual need for teaching staff is fulfilled through appointment and transfer in computer specializations and some mathematics specializations. Urging teachers to complete scientific research in the field of specialization. Raising the academic and scientific level of college students and involving the teaching staff in development courses inside and outside the country. Involving technical and administrative staff in development courses, one course during the academic year.

Providing an advanced educational environment and establishing a nucleus for scientific research capable of providing society with scientific competencies and trained specialized personnel through the introduction of the latest scientific technologies.

Creating awareness and faith among the graduate in our nation’s cultural mission and its pioneering and historical role in the emergence of human scientific civilization and its scientific development. Preparing the specialized graduate who is familiar with the theoretical foundations of basic sciences and their field applications.


The College of Pure Sciences at Tikrit University provides high-quality education in various scientific disciplines. The teaching approach emphasizes theoretical knowledge and practical skills development. The curriculum covers subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Experienced faculty members utilize innovative teaching methods to engage and inspire students in their learning journey. The college offers modern facilities and laboratories to facilitate hands-on experiments and research. The goal is to equip students with a strong foundation in pure sciences and prepare them for successful careers or further academic pursuits in their chosen fields.


The College of Pure Sciences at Tikrit University actively engages in research to advance knowledge in various scientific disciplines. Faculty members and students conduct research projects in areas such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. The research activities in the college aim to contribute to scientific advancements, develop innovative solutions, and address key challenges in the respective fields. Through rigorous experimentation, data analysis, and theoretical investigations, the college strives to expand the understanding of fundamental scientific principles and their applications.

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