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Prof. Dr. Waad Raouf

Our History

The College of Pharmacy was established in 2002, when a university order was issued by the Presidency of Tikrit University to establish this college under No. 1S/522 on 6/27/2002. A committee was formed to prepare the requirements for establishing the college, in accordance with University Order 7/18/71 on 1/20/2002. This committee prepared the report on the establishment of this college, including the college’s objectives, admission plan, human requirements, technical and administrative staff, curricula, how to provide free and source books, scientific and material supplies, the college’s designs, and its needs for buildings, halls, laboratories, and teaching and administrative rooms.

Our college aspires to foster creativity, leadership, and innovation in the field of pharmacology and pharmaceutical compounds. We aim to advance the quality ladder and educate distinguished pharmacists who can contribute to various state institutions and the private sector, serving our dear country. Our goal is to help our country take its rightful place among the developed nations of the world.

Our aim is to develop the knowledge and skills required to practice pharmacy at the highest levels, in alignment with global advancements. We strive to achieve the highest quality in serving health institutions and providing the community with competent pharmacists who possess professional skills and uphold high moral values. Furthermore, we are dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of our teaching staff, their assistants, and the administrative body, as well as promoting purposeful scientific and applied research.

Our objective is to supply the community and health institutions with qualified pharmacists who possess specialized knowledge, skills, ethical values, and effective communication abilities to engage with the community. Additionally, we strive to conduct and promote scientific research that addresses the actual needs of the country. We aim to enhance the role of pharmacists in healthcare and disease prevention, and to elevate their scientific capabilities to effectively fulfill this role.

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Research is a cornerstone of the College of Pharmacy. Our faculty and students actively engage in cutting-edge research across various areas, including drug discovery, clinical trials, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacogenomics, and drug delivery systems. We foster a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment, aiming to address healthcare challenges and contribute to advancements in pharmaceutical sciences. Our commitment to research excellence enhances education and positions our college as a leading center for groundbreaking discoveries in pharmacy.


College of Agriculture is a Research College. Students from first-year students to doctoral candidates participate in meaningful research in our labs. Collaborative multidisciplinary signature areas, as well as underlying cross-cutting research themes of agriculture sciences.

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