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Dr. Kaled .H . Madhee

Our History

The College of Engineering was established in 1988 with a clear and noble objective of preparing and graduating a group of engineers in various engineering disciplines to serve the community and contribute to the nation's development. Additionally, the college plays a role in supporting faculty members and enhancing their scientific capabilities through conducting scientific research and contributing to consultancy, design, supervision, and follow-up of state and community projects, serving the public interest. Initially, the college started with three departments: Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering, established in 1989. The Electrical Engineering Department was established in 1993, and the Environmental Engineering Department was established in 2006.

Providing society with skilled engineers and cognitive sciences and developing the industry with solid applied scientific research.

Working hard to make the College of Engineering known locally and internationally through leadership and scientific excellence in engineering education and scientific research, and to be the advisory reference for state departments and institutions and a true partner in overcoming obstacles, solving problems, and developing the performance of institutions.

Graduating engineers with competence, skill and knowledge in the field of engineering specialization. Conducting scientific research of an academic nature to keep pace with the global scientific process and research of an applied nature to translate engineering knowledge and theories into practical reality.


The College of Engineering at Tikrit University provides comprehensive education in various engineering disciplines. The teaching approach combines theory and practical applications. Faculty members employ innovative methods to engage students and promote critical thinking. The curriculum covers civil, mechanical, electrical, etc. Hands-on training, industry connections, and teamwork are emphasized. The goal is to produce competent engineers with technical skills and problem-solving abilities.

Extension and Outreach

The College of Engineering at Tikrit University actively engages in extension and outreach activities. It collaborates with industry, government, and community organizations to provide training, workshops, and consultation services. The college promotes knowledge transfer and student involvement in community projects.


The College of Engineering at Tikrit University conducts research in various engineering fields. The research aims to address industry challenges, develop innovative technologies, and contribute to the scientific community. Collaboration and knowledge exchange are encouraged. The college disseminates research findings through seminars and conferences, aiming to advance engineering knowledge and meet societal needs.

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