Erasmus+ is an EU Programme designed to promote education, training, youth, and sport from 2014 to 2023. It recognizes that these areas play a crucial role in addressing socio-economic changes and the key challenges Europe will face in the coming years. By supporting the European policy agenda for growth, jobs, equity, and social inclusion, education, training, and youth initiatives can make a significant impact. Effective education and training systems, as well as youth policies, can help tackle these challenges by equipping individuals with the necessary skills for the labor market and the economy. Additionally, they enable active participation in society and personal fulfillment. Reforms in these areas can drive progress towards these goals by fostering collaboration, evidence-based decision-making, and cooperation among policymakers and stakeholders. The Programme aligns with the objectives of the Europe 2023 Strategy, including flagship initiatives such as Youth on the Move and the Agenda for new skills and jobs. It also contributes to achieving the goals outlined in the Education and Training Strategic Framework for European cooperation and the European Youth Strategy through the Open Methods of Coordination. Investing in knowledge, skills, and competences through Erasmus+ benefits individuals, institutions, organizations, and society as a whole. It promotes growth, ensures equity, prosperity, and social inclusion in Europe and beyond.

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