The procedures followed for admission are done after checking the presence of student’s name in the central admission lists the steps for admission are as follow:
1. The student must check the required documents for the intended college, and must attend him/herself.
2. Registration document is received from the accounts section of the college after paying the required costs.
3. Forms of registration are received from a committee of receiving newly coming students which is related to the registration of the college. These forms include: student’s file, information form about the student, a form for demanding student’s identity, a form for selecting the required department. Then all those forms are fulfilled with the required data about the student and submitted to registration section with all official documents and colorful photocopies to be checked later.
4. The student deliver his/her file to the registration manager to be checked and the authenticity of information presented by the student is also checked. The student is interviewed to determine his/her qualification to the study. If the student does not fulfill the required conditions his/her file is delivered to the ministry of higher education to determine what is suitable to his aptitude.
5. The required period for registration is two weeks only after announcing lists of central admission and after this period no one has the right to register. Then registration section distributes new students to the departments of the college and the students assign to what is equivalent to his desire and qualification in the intended department.