Conditions for admission in postgraduate studies (MA, MSc, and Ph.D) press here…. Required documents to submit to postgraduate studies, and is not allowed to submit without the following documents:

1. Graduation document that includes the grade of the applicant (written form and number) year of graduation, and checking the scientific background of the Ph.D applicant by presenting both BA and MA graduation documents.

2. A document of Non-objection for the empoyees

3. Fulfilling the required lists of information with no corrector.

4. Sign a pledge.

5. The following documents are brought in colored copies (civil identity, certification of civil identity, ration card, 2 colored pictures)

6. All documents are fulfilled by the applicants of political prisoners.

7. Those who have martyrs of their relatives must write documents which will be authenticated of being reliable.  

8. Nominated employees must bring their educational permission within 45 days if not their admission will be cancelled.