The department of the dormitory is very keen to arrange every part and the manager of the dormitory is providing every possible method for the prosperity of students and their living conditions. The department aims at fulfilling the following goals:
1. Initiating good atmosphere in the dormitory to meet the needs of the students for living, especially those related to facilities in heaters, air conditions and periodical maintenance to them.
2. Providing security for girls/boys in the dormitory.
3. Making proper buildings in the dormitory for suitable level of life.
4. Looking for solutions to the problems students encounter by leading them to administrators and raising reports by department members.
5. Making plans for having large capacity in the department for all students.
6. All departments of the dormitory are protected by security.
7. Network is available in every building of the department free of charge.
8. The dormitory includes 12000 students (girls and boys). Other further buildings are specified to postgraduate studies:
A. Al-aqwas building which has 4 departments divided according to students’ specification of study (boys and girls).
B. Students’ building (for girls) inside the university area includes (145) postgraduate students.