General Secretary of the Central Library

Central library has been initiated since the foundation of Tikrit University 1988. It aims at participating actively in education, learning, and public knowledge for students who will be leaders, founders, and scholars. It supports researchers with references and documents of various specifications and enriching the university with scientific programmes for the sake of knowledge and promotion of the society and its individuals. By acknowledging the main needs of the pioneers of the science and knowledge who are the cornerstone of education and the whole society will get much benefit from them. It provides all facilities to present references to the staff of educators, students, and professors. Central library also presents electronic data from different journals and sources, and the latter are documented in internal journals. It is considered as an essential pillar in the university as it has a great impact on education and study life of many. From that perspective the central library is given a priority by the university which is keen to develop it and provide it with up to date references and data as well as participating in national and international shows. It is a good opportunity to invite instructors and students to visit the central library and have a look on references and get much benefit of it.


Assistant professor Sameer Midhat Sa’eed 

General Secretary of the Central Library


Prospect and Objectives 


It is possible to promote the level of knowledge by relying on information and authentic references as a power to support scientific research and the trend of higher education.



to participate in supporting the scientific research and the process of education as well as spreading cultural awareness on local scope.



It aims at: 

$11.     Participating in enhancing the scientific and cultural levels of the participants by different information data. 

$12.     Supporting the process of education and knowledge. 

$13.     Providing the quantity and quality of information. 

$14.     Spreading cultural awareness on the scope of the governorate. 

$15.     Preparing the scientific staff which is qualified to work in all fields of life.