The President of Tikrit University, Prof. Dr. Waad Mahmoud Raouf, has directly checked today the final exams for the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021 for postgraduate candidates in the Faculties of Education for Women, College of Education for Humanities, College of Education for Pure Sciences, College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, College of Agriculture, as well as the Faculties of Veterinary Medicine, Engineering and Law And Political Science, College of Islamic Sciences, and other colleges.
The University of Tikrit has received, since early morning, large numbers of graduate students to sit the exams at the end of the first semester in person, in an implementation of the recent instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research after taking full procedural precautions, providing preventive and health supplies, and applying safety measures and social distancing among students.
The president of the university, accompanied by the vice-president for scientific affairs, inspected the examination halls in the faculties and scientific departments to ensure the smooth flow of the examination and to confirm the implementation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research controls related to the examination, as well as to emphasize the need to implement the recommendations of the crisis cell, and to overcome the obstacles faced by the students, if there is any, during their taking of the exams, wishing the students Luck and success.
It is worth noting that Tikrit University, under the direction and supervision of its president, earlier carried out a major fumigation operation for the examination halls and prepared them in various colleges in order to receive students and maintain their safety.

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