' Under the patronage of the President of Tikrit University, Prof. Dr. Waad Mahmoud Raouf, and under the supervision of the Dean of the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Prof. Dr. Ibtisam Haydar Baktash, the College, in cooperation with the Department of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances in Salah al-Din, held a scientific symposium on the dangers of the scourge of drugs on university students. The symposium aims at learning about the effect of drugs on societies as they are a major factor in reaching social, security, economic and health problems, in addition to identifying types of drugs and what  the effect of each of these types is on the human brain and nerve conductors.The symposium included four topics, the first topic dealt with the effects of drugs on humans and society by Prof. Dr. Abd al-Wadud Ahmad Khattab, while the second one was about types of drugs by Colonel Adnan Fadhil Ahmad, and the third topic about which Colonel Uday Khalaf Jalil’s spoke was about withdrawal and psychological affects, and the fourth and last topic dealt with Drug Law covered by Assistant Professor Dr. Amjad Hamed Badr.