Under the patronage of his Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Prof. Dr. Nabil Abdel Saheb, and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Waad Mahmood Raouf, President of Tikrit University, the Scientific Supervision and Evaluation Agency / the International Accreditation Department, in cooperation with the University of Tikrit, the Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance, set up a workshop entitled (Standards of Institutional and National Programmatic Accreditation and their Importance in Iraqi Universities ).

Institutional accreditation is the accreditation of the educational institution as a whole according to specific standards about the efficiency of the facilities and resources. This includes the employees of the institution and the provision of academic and student support services, curricula, student levels, the academic staff and other components of the institution.

The lecture was delivered by Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Abdul Karim Al-Saffar, Director of the International Accreditation Department at the Scientific Supervision and Evaluation Authority at the Ministry of Higher Education during which he talked about the concept of accreditation as the institution’s upgrading until reaching the required standards, as it is considered an entry point to achieve the quality of education, in addition to its quest to find a balance between the quality of the educational institution and the service and protection of the interests of society, indicating the difference between accreditation for programs and accreditation for specialized programs, where programs accreditation is general accreditation that focuses on evaluating the performance of the educational institution in a comprehensive manner, evaluating the institution as a single unit in terms of its ability to provide educational services that meet the minimum agreed standards. Whereas the specialized accreditation is a special accreditation that focuses on interest in the specialized academic programs offered by the institution separately. It is necessary for professional specialties that do not suffice with general accreditation, because they require obtaining special accreditation from the organization related to the profession.
At the end of the workshop, Dr. Ali Abdul Karim was honored with the university’s shield and a certificate of appreciation, by the university’s assistants for scientific and administrative affairs, in appreciation of his efforts. Dr. Taha Hamid Jassim, member of the Quality Assurance Council at Tikrit university, Dr. Noha Salim Muhammad, Director of the Quality Assurance and University Performance Department at Tikrit university, and a number of participating professors were honored.
It is worth noting that the workshop continued for two days in a row. Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Abdul Karim Al-Saffar, Director of the International Accreditation Department in the Supervision and Scientific Evaluation Authority at the Ministry of Higher Education, praised the higher organization of Tikrit University for the success of the workshop, wishing the university continued success.