Under the sponsorship of the president of Tikrit University, Prof.Dr.Wa'ad Mahmood Ra'ouf , and under the supervision of the Dean of the College of Administration and Economics, Prof.Dr. Abdul Razzaq Hamad Hussein, and in collaboration with the Centre of Continuous Education, the College has held a Course entitled: University Qualification and Employment Centres: Concept and Positive Dimensions. That course has been managed by Assist. Prof. Dr. Samer Mohammed Fakhri, and Inst. Mohammed Hussein Ali via Google Meet, and it lasted for two days. It aims at: training students, developing their cognitive capacities, motivating them, developing their skills as well as learning modern methods for searching about work, and identifying the needs of the labour market and coordinating with companies.
The course includes five topics. The first topic deals with the concept, the second one shows the positive dimensions, the third topic includes time management, the fourth shows CV, and the fifth includes group work, and the last one shows leadership.