In implementation of the directions of the Presidency of Tikrit University represented by its president, Prof. Dr. Waad Mahmoud Raouf on the necessity of openness to society, the College of Political Sciences, in cooperation with the Peace and Freedom Organization, held a scientific symposium entitled "Towards a Public Policy for Building Peace in Iraq: Opportunities and Challenges".

The symposium moderated by Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Shatub Idaan included three themes : the first theme dealt with peace building opportunities in Iraq for Professor Hazem Sabah Ahmed , and the second theme dealt with peacebuilding challenges in Iraq for the researcher Barzan Jalal Hamed, while the third and last theme presented by the assistant professor Dr. Asaad Abdul-Wahab Abdul-Karim on the foundations of peacebuilding in Iraq.
The symposium came out with several recommendations, the most important of which are: The need to build a general policy that the government adopts regarding peace building in Iraq along the lines of the reform and economic policies followed, the fact that the issue of peacebuilding is no less important than development and economic progress, in addition to that security and peace are the basis for preserving countries and their stability.

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