Under the sponsorship of the President of Tikrit University, Prof. Dr. Wa'ad Mahmoud Raouf, and within the extra-curricular activities, the Student Activities Department held a chess contest for both male and female students of the university, where students of the Faculties of Physical Education, Sports Sciences, Nursing, Science, Dentistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Law and Education for Pure Sciences, Administration and Economics, Agriculture and the College of Education for women, and at the end of the contest the student Hudla Muhammad Ibrahim has been the first-place winner from the College of Science, then student Baraa Jamal from the College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences got the second place. On the other hand, the student Adnan Abdel Hamid Suleiman from the College of dentistry has won the first place, and the student Taha Abdel Khaleq Ali from the college of Administration and Economics won the second place. At the end of the contest, prizes have been delivered to students who won the first advanced positions.

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