With the presence of Prof. Dr. Jihad Dhib Mahal and the assistant president of the University for the Scientific Affairs, a PhD thesis was discussed at Tikrit University entitled "Genetic Analysis by Means of Different Mating Systems in Genetic Structures of Wheat Crop" by the candidate Barzan Ahmed Al-Mafraji. The data were examined in Al-Hawija district during three agricultural seasons. The researcher concluded that the genetic structures of two particular types of wheat are superior in certain characteristics including the height of the plant, the biological crop, protein's content, and the number of grains in spikes. The study recommended the use of cowes structure in the programme of hybridization so as to transfer the special genetic characteristics of the crop to the public types. The study also suggested that further studies should be engaged in examining the mechanisms of hybridization, namely identifying genealogy or collecting it so as to develop new genotypes.