Under the patronage of the President of Tikrit University, Prof. Dr. Jihad Dhiab Mahal, and under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Assistant Professor Dr. Murbad Saleh Damen, the Department of History at the Faculty of Arts, University of Tikrit, held the International Scientific Symposium with the participation of researchers from three universities from Morocco, Palestine and Iraq. The symposium was entitled "Analysis of the historical narration is a path towards Scientific Research" . The symposium was presented via e-Learning platform of Tikrit University that is linked to Cisco Global Networks and the WebEx System. The symposium aimed to highlight the field of history with reference to the importance of analyzing the historical narrative in reaching the relative truth of the historical event.

The international scientific symposium included four axes:

1. Political and intellectual influences on the historical novel / Prof. Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Jaamati / teaching at the University of Abdul-Malik Al-Saadi / College of Arts and Humanities / Kingdom of Morocco

2. Analysis and critique of the historical novel / Prof. Dr. Rashid Latif Ibrahim / teaching at Tikrit University / College of Arts / Republic of Iraq. Symposium moderator.

3. Studying the body of the historical novel, its analysis and criticism / AMD. Khalil Khalaf Hussein / teaching at Tikrit University / College of Arts / Republic of Iraq.

4. Studying, criticizing, and analyzing the author's life / Prof.Dr. Abdul Hamid Jamal Al-Farrani / Al-Aqsa University, Gaza / State of Palestine.

The symposium, which lasted for two hours, was actually attended by 335 academics from the whole Arab world. At the end of the symposium, its organizers recommended the need to increase an interest in the historical narration in terms of accuracy. Furthermore, they underscored the search for modern methods in analyzing the historical narration—a matter that is enhanced through the establishment of a general conference that includes researchers and research papers from different countries.