Under the patronage of the President of Tikrit University, Prof. Dr. Jihad Dhiab Mahal and supervision of the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Dr. Ferial Hussein, and in cooperation with the Center for Continuing Education at Tikrit University, the Faculty of Agriculture held a training workshop entitled (Basic Concepts of Scientific Publication in Scopes and Clarevet Containers) delivered via free conference call platform by the Lecturer Dr. Nameer Khairallah Muhammad, Department of Food Science/ College of Agriculture. The workshop included the following axes: what is h-index and how to improve it, terms of scientific research such as impact Factor, Cite Score, DOI, ISSN, Scopus, Clarivate, and how to search for a discreet, non-fake magazine. Clarifying the meaning of these abbreviations enables the researcher to deal with these rules. The objectives of the workshop are introducing the h-index, which is a criterion for the activity and productivity of the researcher and one of the requirements for scientific promotion. The workshop reached a set of results, including the necessity to urge researchers to publish scientific researches not only for the purposes of promotion but to exchange knowledge as well as solving community problems.