Under the patronage of the President of Tikrit University, Prof. Dr. Jihad Dhiab Mahal, and under the supervision of the Dean of the College of Science, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rashid Aboud, the Department of Applied Earth Sciences - College of Science - held a scientific symposium entitled (Is the geologist an engineer ..?), The importance of the symposium comes as highlighting the importance of engineering geology and its relationship to large and strategic engineering projects such as engineering and civil installations, dams, tunnels, roads and bridges. The seminar was attended by specialized professors from the University of Babylon including Professor Dr. Amer Atiya, President of the General of the International Union for Engineering Geology and Environment / Iraq Branch, Professor Dr. Haafar Hussein Al-Zubaidi, Vice President of the International Federation of Engineering Geology and Environment / Iraq Branch, and Professor Dr. Zaid Abdel Wahab Malak from the University of Mosul Prof. Harith Al-Saeedi from the University of Basra and Professor Dr. Abdullah Al-Shami from the Arab Republic of Egypt. Prof. Ghazi Attia Zarak, teaching at the Department of Earth Sciences, dealt with many topics that are related to the work of geologists in various fields of their specialties and that overlap with the work of engineers, indicating that there is a common denominator between the specialty of engineering geology and civil engineering, as each of them has scientific and practical qualifications that enable him to perform and accomplish the assigned work according to specialization with accuracy and sincerity.