With the unrelenting efforts of Professor Dr. Jihad Dhiyab Mahal, President of Tikrit University, and with a keen responsibility towards the lecturers' segment and the achievements and service they provided during their work., the exceptional efforts of the President of the University culminated in keeping pace with administrative and legal procedures in order to fulfill his promise that he had made to them, that segment whose hopes had been suspended by his promise are today reaping the fruits of its dream and long patience , so that the university fulfills its promise after a long wait on the part of more than 600 lecturers at Tikrit University. the latest in a series of waiting , which lasted for several years , some of the contractors , as signed by Mr. President of the University Prof. Dr. Jihad Diab transforming university lecturers to ministerial contracts in implementation of the orders of ministerial ordered by the Minister of Higher Education and scientific research Prof. Dr. Qusay al – Suhail. Congratulations to those whose patience was crowned by win to build a prosperous future , God willing, to service their homeland Iraq .

The lecturers should refer to the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department at the University Presidency to see the lists of names.