The College of Physical Education and Sports Science at Tikrit University held an electronic workshop on the (Zoom) platform under the title (Swedish aerobic exercise as a way to overcome the period of staying at home and increase general immunity), and the seminar was directed by Dr. Sarmad Ahmed Musa as president. Dr. Hamoudi Essam Noman discussed in the first axis of the workshop "How to perform exercises Swedish during the month of Ramadan , and performed properly under the circumstances of the lockdown because corona virus outbreak, stressing that doing these exercises with some organizing steps before breaking the fast and after, increases immunity to face the disease.”

While Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Dhaye’ Muhammad made it clear in the second axis " that these exercises make the individual enjoy sound health, free of infections and injuries as well as to stimulate blood circulation in order to promote self - immune to avoid the risk of catching the virus.

There was also open discussion to ask questions that were answered by the panel about the best Swedish exercises appropriate for women and men and the appropriate times of performance.