In line with the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and under the auspices of the esteemed President of Tikrit University and under the direct supervision of the Vice-President of the University for Scientific Affairs Prof. Dr. Jawdat Kazem Abbas, the Cisco International Network Academy at Tikrit University has fully supported the workshops and seminars through its application /Cisco Webex Meeting and through the platform of Tikrit University for e-learning launched by the academy through a team made up of some of the university’s colleges.

The lecturer, "Wissam Dawood Abdullah," Director of the Cisco International Networking Academy, added that this platform is the nucleus of electronic management that is supervised actually by the Vice- President of the University for Scientific Affairs in order to adopt technology in many of the university's correspondences and dealings..

You can follow our workshops and seminars through the link of the Tikrit University e-learning platform channel on YouTube : channel / UC72fd_D9rM2WX5-yuIxTAYg\