The University Council of Tikrit held its regular session headed by Professor Dr. Jihad Dhiab Mahal, the President of the University and in the presence of the University’s assistants for scientific and administrative affairs, while the members of the University Council attended via Cisco Webex Meeting to discuss a variety of topics on the council's agenda.

The Council stressed the need to complete the universities' data for registering on a classification QS. It is the annual global classification of universities for the best 800 universities in the world, emphasizing the deanships of colleges to focus on scientific research and urging the teaching staff to publish research in accredited scientific journals classified under scopes.

The director of the Student Affairs Department also proposed an admition plan for the undergraduate studies for the year 2020-2021, and it was discussed according to the university's strategies in specialization and assimilation, and the council supported the continuation of the follow-up of e-learning and discussions by the deans of colleges and their scientific assistants.

At the end of the session, the President of the University reviewed the issue of daily wagers and the issuance of the university order to transform them into ministerial contract employees and stressed the need to be careful and honest in this matter, as the subject touches the rights of a broad class working at the university.