In implementation of the directives of the presidency of Tikrit University, the College of Education for Humanities continues its efforts to maintain academic work despite the difficult circumstances the country is witnessing at the present time, as it has been able to reach a high percentage in implementing e-learning requirements in addition to continuing discussions of graduate students and the reconstruction of the college facilities.

The Dean of the College of Education for Humanities, Dr. Abdullah Khalaf Saleh, "The percentage of teachers’ participation in the college by opening the electronic class, communicating and interacting with students reached 100%, and the percentage of students participating in the electronic class     Google classroom reached 90%, and efforts are still ongoing for all students to communicate with the academic items in the college ".

The Dean added that the college continued to conduct discussions of theses and dissertations in these circumstances , to communicate with students in the research stages and courses, to communicate with the college council to apply electronic and distance education in our college during this difficult circumstance that we are going through   ".

The Dean of the College of Education concluded that the efforts of its employees paid off, and despite the curfew, by carrying out a campaign to redesign and rehabilitate the college gardens to preserve and prepare them to continue the march of science after the current crisis   ".