The Department of the Student Activities at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research organized a workshop on the classification of student activities in the governmental and private universities for the period from 15-16 / 5/2019 in the major conference hall at Al-Nisour College in Baghdad, With the participation of directors and representatives of student activities departments from various Iraqi governorates. The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Abdul Jawad Kazim, Dean of Al Nisour University College, in which he welcomed the representatives of the Iraqi universities in the College of Al-Nisoor, noting the keenness of the Deanship to provide all the requirements for the advancement of the student activities because of its clear importance and active role in the development of the educational process in general. . Dr. Hossam Al-Muamen, Director of Students Activities at the Scientific Supervision and Evaluation Agency, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, said that the process of classifying student activities in governmental and private universities will be subject to strict and clear standards that take into consideration the principle of justice, including the activities of sports and revealing, technical and cultural, and internal and external events, especially with the great expansion that has happened to the overall activities during the last stage. The Lecturer Ahmed Abbas, an IT specialist in the Ministry of Education's Scientific Supervision and Evaluation System, explained the method of access to the form and the authorized person, and how to fill out the form, which represents an advanced step towards conducting a fair electronic assessment and classification of university student activities.