The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced the availability of 35 scholarships to obtain a Master Degree from the British University of Bristol during the academic year 2019.

The Director General of Scholarships and Cultural Relations the Department in the Ministry , Dr. Amjad Abdul Nabi Al-Suwad, said that the British scholarships were specified  for the non-employee  to get a master degree and distributed 35 scholarships for all disciplines except medicine, dentistry and veterinary sciences.

Al-Suwad confirmed all applications will be subjected to the conditions and regulations depended for  candidacy  to study followed by in the system of the department number (3) for the year 2018.

Al-Suwadindicated that the deadline for the application will be 30/6/2019 and all applications must be sent to the link of the Department of Scholarships and Cultural Relations