In the presence of Prof. Dr. Hassan Hussein Ibrahim, Vice-Chancellor for Scientific Affairs, Lt. Col. Walid Kareem Hassan, who is assigned to the Salahaddin operations leadership, restored Qur’an of Othman may Allah be pleased with him which is one of the precious valuables that belong to the contents of Salahaddin heritage and documents center at Tikrit University after being lost during the ISIS terrorist groups occupation of University. Tikrit University appreciated this faithful Iraqi initiative considering it as a loyalty of security forces who liberated our country; therefore, it was obvious they would restore our sacred legacy. The initiator has been rewarded with Tikrit University shield and a letter of thanks and appreciation. This reward was attended by Director of Salahaddin heritage and documents center, Director of Salahaddin Center for historical studies and a number of professors experienced. It is noteworthy that the great effort made on completing this task was related to Director of security declaration office at Tikrit University.