Under sponsorship of Prof. Dr. Adel Fawzi Shihab, the Chancellor, and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Awatif Saber Jassim, Dean of College of sciences, held a workshop entitled (quality criteria of new website). The workshop aimed at following several new steps to develop websites of university colleges and urging scientific departments on the necessity to cooperate with representative of website and presenting the e-lectures for the rich content of website with information. The workshop was attended by all authorized staff of websites of University colleges and staff responsible for media divisions in colleges. Prof. Dr. Ayad Sa’adi Hameed and assist. Lecturer Firas Faris Raja and Assistant lecturer Adel Hussein Dalaf have managed the workshop. They talked about ways to develop Websites content at College in accordance with the standards of good website. The workshop was attended by Prof. Dr. Hassan Hussein Ibrahim, Vice-Chancellor for Scientific Affairs.