In the presence of Vice Chancellor for Scientific Affairs Prof. Dr. Hassan Hussein Ibrahim, representing the Chancellor, the Supreme Permanent Committee for Social Peace and Coexistence of the General Secretariat of Cabinet in cooperation with Tikrit University held a meeting on the role of youth in in creating peace in Salahaddin. Prof. Dr. Anwar Faris Abid, Dean of Islamic sciences college and a representative of the Chancellor of University presented a speech about the role of University in peaceful coexistence and that Tikrit University has held more than (140) seminars and workshops to fight extremism and Takfir (excommunication) ideology. Several committees were formed for this concern. Dr. Fa’al al-Maliki, Cabinet representative in the Permanent Committee for peaceful coexistence and community, presented his thanks to Tikrit University and its presidency for its role in combating the extremism and establishing community peace among university students. Al-Maliki added that there are seven committees formed in Salahaddin to resolve tribal disputes and combat the extremism and spreading the spirit of brotherhood among the people of the province.