Tikrit University represented by Dr. Mithaq Byat al-Dhaify has participated in the International Conference on architectural and urban heritage of the Mediterranean region which has been held in Hammamat city, Tunisia, from 18-20/11/2018 under the supervision of Tunisian Ministry of Cultural Affairs, The National Institute of heritage in Tunisia the  capital in partnership with fine arts laboratory and cultural studies at University of Abou Bekr Belkaid Tlemcen located in the West of Algeria, the cultural, linguistic and literary heritage laboratory at University of Ghardaia in the south of Algeria. He has participated with two researches, the first one entitled “infringements on the archaeological heritage and responsibility of combating black archaeology”; while the second one entitled “modern cultural open museums”. These papers have special attention among the participants in the Conference for their significant impact on attendees through interventions and questions. It should be noted that international and Arabic organizations have adopted this Conference annually for its scientific value and success reflected by the participation of professors from various Arabic, European and Turkish universities.