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Tikrit University has achieved since its founding in 1989 extensive achievements at all levels. After having established the university starting with one college which is the College of Education for Women, today it includes 22 scientific and human faculties, two research centers (Salahuddin Al Ayoubi Center and the Natural Resources Center), two service centers (Computer Center, and a Center for Development and Continuing Education). There are also the central library, several of consulting offices and a central laboratory. The university also developed several studies in the Faculties of Education for Humanities, Pure Sciences, Arts, Law, Management, Economics, Islamic Sciences, Computer Science and Mathematics.

The university has headed a qualitative trend, in addition to graduating students, it has had a prominent role in community service through conducting joint research with state institutions and providing services from its offices and consulting clinics, such as parallel education and food production such as milk, eggs and mushroom production.
The university also has witnessed a clear expansion in the field of postgraduate studies. After the introduction of an MA program at the College of Education for Girls in 1995, today postgraduate studies include most of the university's colleges, and doctoral and diploma studies were also introduced in some of its colleges, such as College of Science and the College of Education.
The university seeks to provide all research requirements for the progress and development of these studies and for the continuation and success of the educational process at the university.