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Tikrit University is regarded as an important cultural center of enlightenment and scientific development. It was established in 1987 when the legislative authority established the College of Education for Women, which was the nucleus of Tikrit University because it was the first college established in addition to the colleges of Medicine and Engineering. Its educational system which has been applied is regarded as the strictest one in Iraq and the Middle East, which is a problem-based learning system.

Tikrit University was one of the first universities in the northwestern part of Iraq, and these three colleges were a model for future educational institutions under the legislated system of higher education and scientific research in 1970.


The university expanded and founded other colleges, starting with the College of Coeducation and ending with the College of Education, which split into two parts and became the College of Education for Human Sciences and Pure Sciences in 2013. So the university includes a group of colleges, namely:


1. College of Education for Women 1988.


2. College of Medicine 1989.


3. College of Engineering 1989.


4. College of Education 1992.


5. College of Agriculture 1993.


6. College of Science 1998.


7. College of Administration and Economics 2000.


8. College of Pharmacy 2002.


9. College of Dentistry, 2004.


10. College of Arts 2006


11. College of Veterinary Medicine, 2006.


12. College of Islamic Sciences 2006.


13. College of Computer Science and Mathematics 2007.


14. College of Law 2007.


15. College of Physical Education and Sports Science 2007.


16. College of Political Sciences 2011.


17. College of Petroleum and Mineral Engineering 2011.


18. College of Education / Tuz Khurmato 2011.


19. College of Basic Education / AlSharqat 2012.


20. AlSharqat Engineering College 2012.


21. College of Nursing 2013.


22. College of Education for Humanities and Pure Sciences 2013.


The university vision is to produce distinguished classes of students who are advanced in research, academia and technology, seeking innovation for the benefit of society locally and globally. It seeks to be recognized as a pioneer in high-quality education and applying knowledge for the benefit of a developed local community.