It is the administrative formation that deals with the university’s council represented by the president and deans of colleges and dean assistants of administration and scientific affairs and a representative of teaching staff. Its role is to organize meetings and documenting its records and submit them to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research/ body of opinion. The president should sign the records to be signed by minister on the approved matters and recommendation of scientific and administrative topics, and to follow up the authentication from the ministry to inform the other administrative formations in order to be applied. Moreover, the records of colleges’ councils should be documented and prepare them for the authentication of president on the paragraphs endorsed and send these paragraphs to the concerned sections in the university either for issuing orders or showing opinion or presenting a study according to the topics that are contained in the paragraphs. At the same time, the college must be ratified to sign their records to proceed in the implementation of what has been approved.

In addition to that, there are tasks assigned to the council of university directly by the president since they are linked to the presidency administrative office.