Students' affair and registration department is considered one of the most significant and vital parts of the university which deals with the students and their affairs concerning, submission, admission, transfer, and others.
Director of the department:
Many scientific and administrative qualifications have been in succession for this department which have participated in managing its work and developing it in a way that presents the best services for students, as well as enriching the educational process in the country with staffs that participate to promote development process forward with what is equivalent to the requirements of the time including electronic computing, the department is managed by Inst. Hikmat Khalaf Hussein Al-dikheel now.
Staff of the department:
1. Assistant director of the department:
Assistant director of students' affairs and registration
Mr. Hussam is the assistant of the director Hamad Majeed who has got BA from (College of Administration and Economics/ business management department) Tikrit University for the year 2008-2009 and has administrative experience in such works of no less than 8 years.
He has received the task of being assistant director of students' affairs and registration according to the decree no. 7/39/ 1689 in 28/9/2017.
2. Admission and Registration Division
Director of Admission and Registration Division
Mr.Osama Khalaf Saleh
3. Students' Affair follow-up Division
Director of the Students' Affair follow-up Division is Mr.Muhammad Saleh Irhaym Ibrahim has got BAin biology Department (College of science) Tikrit University for the year 2004-2005. And has administrative experience of no less than 9 years in the work. This division is innovated according to the decree no. 7/39/16866 in 12/9/2017.
4. Document Auditing Division
Director of the Document Auditing Division is Assist.Prof. Falah Hassan Muhammed (Ph.D) who has got Ph.D in Arabic Language College of Education for Humanities, Tikrit University. He has got this task on the decree no. 7/39/11037 in 20/6/2012 from the presidency of the university and has an experience in the work of no less than 13 years.
5. Alumni and Certifications Division
The director of the alumni and certification division is Mr.Ahmed Ali Salman Khalaf who has got MA in Islamic sciences from college of higher studies in Nilain University/Sudan for the year 2017/2018 and has an administrative experience of no less than 9 years this department is innovated according to the decree no. 7/39/ 168/66 in 12/9/2017.
-previous Directories of the Division

Ensuring the harmony and flexibility in dealing with no routine processes and relying on modern technical ways to ensure student's right to get the information in the suitable time.
Students' affairs and registration division is initiated to serve students and meet their needs which are guaranteed by directions and existing laws.
1. Establishing confidence relations between the student and the university
2. Initiating the pillars of administrative support on the proper and required way.
3. Students' rights are sponsored from all perspectives which are guaranteed by laws and prevalent directions.
4. Working with registration divisions in all colleges of the university with one team spirit to serve our dear students
5. Establishing data base for all the graduates of the university
6. Presenting the best services and best reception which are proper to the students that achieve the cultural progress and prevailing directions.
7. Eliminating long routine which brings obstacle to the administrative work and the process of education in the country.