•      Name: - Bashir Sabhan Ahmed
  •     Date of birth: 1980
  •      Education: phd, doctor
  •      Rank: assistant professor
  •    Obtain a master's degree from Tikrit university/ college of law in 2012 / major in public international law
  •     Obtained his phd from Tikrit university in 2017 / major in public international law.
  •  Published research (11) in iraq, (2) in Scopus and (3) in Impact Factor.
  •   External Courses (2)
  •    International Conferences (3)
  •   Seminars (6)
  •   Letters of acknowledgements and appreciation from the minister of HEASR (3)
  •  Letters of acknowledgements and appreciation from the president of Tiikrit university (20)

Positions taken:

  • Director of the division of postgraduate studies at the faculty of law from 27-11-2018 to 8-2-2020
  • postgraduate studies’ rapporteur at the faculty of law from 6-2-2018 until 21-11-2018
  •  director of the administration and finance affairs department at Tikrit University’s presidency from 31-12-2019 until now.



  • Name: - Assistant lecturer: Mustafa Ismail Khalil Abdul-Fahdawi
  • Date of birth: 1989
  •  Education: Master's degree in international economics
  • Country of obtaining the certificate: - The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • Date of obtaining the certificate: 2017
  • Position: Deputy Director, Administrative and Financial Affairs Department
  • Letters of acknowledgements from the university president: (46)
  • Letters of acknowledgements from the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research: (5)
  • published Research in international journals: (4)
  • Participation in conferences and seminars: (5)
  • Participation in local workshops: (6)
  • Participation in international workshops (3)

Divisions and units

Public Service Unit

It is a unit of direct affiliation with the department director for administrative and financial affairs

Its tasks are focused on:

  • General job duties
  •  Promotions
  •   Bonuses
  •  Adding the legal and civil and military services
  •  Adding contract service
  •  Adding the politically- sacked employees’ service
  •  Lifting the injustice caused by the employment service
  •  Calculating the points of the Higher Education Fund for the employees and teaching staff of the presidency of the university
  •  Service Digest
  •  Personal files for the employees and teaching staff of the presidency of the university
  •  Amendment of initial certificates (intermediate, preparatory, and BA)

Retirement Division

Division’s tasks: -

  • Preparing a detailed schedule for the numbers of employees who will complete the legal age of referral to retirement with an indication of their job rank, the immediate need of the chief for their services and the employee's desire to continue or not to serve.
  • Presenting the aforementioned schedule to the relevant minister or head not related to a ministry to obtain approval to approach the authority concerned with the issue of the extension of service.
  •  Issue the administrative order for the extension after obtaining the approval of the competent authority.
  • The issuance of the administrative order containing the referral of the employee whom approval has not been obtained extending his service to retirement from the date of completing the legal age for the referral to retirement and correct the date of birth of the employees included in the provisions of resolution 1367 of 1978 and the issuance of administrative order for correction.
  • Ensuring that the legal conditions necessary for referral to retirement are met.
  • Obtaining the basic approvals specified in the relevant law.
  • Processing of pension transactions for employees referred to retirement.
  • Making sure the concerned authorities carry out retirement transactions

Divisions of staff affairs

Division Profile:

It is a division which handles the affairs of all the employees of the university, as follows:

  •  Addressing the ministry about transferring and placement of employees from our ministry to the rest of the ministries
  • Issuing university orders to employees regarding transportation and placement.
  • Issuing university orders related to academic, sick and regular licenses (with full salary, without salary) and five years leave.
  •  Issuance of a no-objection letter for academic leave for employees (Master's degree, and higher diploma.)
  • Issuing letters of thanks and appreciation to the employees.
  • Issuing employees’ serving confirmation letters.
  • Issuing administrative orders related to the resumption of working hours after holidays, break-ups, short holidays and absences of employees.
  •  Issuing letters for referring employees to hospitals and medical committees.
  • Archiving and keeping all the documents of the completed transactions of the division.

Teaching Staff Affairs’ Division

  • Review the teaching staff performance to determine the extent of their ability to carry out their tasks.
  • Diagnosing weaknesses to treat them with training and development, or even transfer to another job, in a manner consistent with his qualifications and experience.
  • Preparing performance evaluation forms and developing them according to sound scientific principles.
  • Preparing a straightforward evaluation system based on the competence.
  • Evolving the performance evaluation process by providing technical assistance for this purpose.
  • Checking the extent of the entitlement of the teacher to the bonus and promotion in terms of completing a full year of employment with the support of the direct boss to grant him the bonus, in addition to having a vacancy and completing the prescribed period for promotion, and proving his ability to occupy the position to be raised to it for promotion.
  •   Issuing administrative orders related to point above-mentioned from the date of entitlement, if the teacher does not have a role in delaying his entitlement and providing the administration with a copy of it.
  • Preparing letters of thanks and appreciation.
  • Issuing administrative orders including arranging the effects arising from directing thanks and appreciation books.
  •  Issuing administrative orders that include the arrangement of the effects resulting from the imposition of penalties specified in the law for the discipline of state and public sector employees and providing the bonus and promotion unit with a copy of the aforementioned orders.
  •  Issuing administrative orders to end the teaching service in accordance with the provisions of the Unified Retirement Law and the Law for Discipline of State and Public Sector Employees.

Employment and Staffing Division

Deletion and creation unit

Unit tasks:

  •  It is responsible for preparing job descriptions that are considered important factors in the recruitment process.
  • The nature of the job and the experience to do it are renewed by defining the tasks of each job in the ministry or the entity not related to the ministry in terms of its duties, responsibilities, requirements and conditions that must be met.
  •  Identify the exact needs of human resources by identifying the actual needs of these resources.
  •  Providing the ministry or entity not associated with the ministry with persons suitable for vacant positions that are compatible with their skills, and the choice is based on merit, away from patronage.
  •  Identify vacancies to be filled through appointment.
  •  Limit the number of vacancies to be filled through promotion.
  • Study and scrutiny of the extension of the legal requirements for the candidates for the public office.
  • Complete the appointment procedures in terms of academic certificate, legal age, physical fitness, good conduct, behavior, integrity and safety from accountability and justice procedures.
  • Follow up on the issuance of appointment orders from the legally competent authority.
  • Follow-up to the employee’s commencement of his work immediately after the appointment decision has been issued.
  • Issuing the employee confirmation order after the trial period stipulated in the law has passed.
  •  Announcement of temporary jobs in the advertisement board dedicated to that, provided that the announcement includes the work that has to be done and the period set for its completion.
  •  Ensure that the candidate meets the provisional appointment conditions.
  •  Selection of applicants for these positions.
  • Study the terms of the contract to be concluded, including the type of work, the subject of the contract, and its details.
  • Organizing contracts concluded with employees after obtaining official approvals.
  •  Follow up the implementation of the contract.
  •  Ensure that the juvenile meets the appointment conditions specified in the relevant laws.

Organizational Structure Unit

  •  Issuing university orders for the creation of positions, departments, divisions, centers, and units in the college and university.
  • The issuance of university orders of these assignments.
  •  Issuing a university order to end assignments.
  •   Internal and external communications regarding security clearances.
  • Addressing the Ministry and implementing its instructions and letters received by us.

Temporary Contracts Unit

  •  Unifying the database of daily wagers and ministerial contracts at the university.
  •  Issuing university and administrative orders regarding matters of placement and transfer between departments, centers and colleges of the university.
  •  Issuing university orders for the leaves of university daily wagers.
  •  Journal and ministerial contracts.
  •  Issuance of confirmation letters.
  •   Issuing university orders to implement the penalties and absences, and to drop out of work.
  •  Issuing contracting orders for the university presidency.
  •  Archive files for contractors and daily wagers.
  •    Internal and external communications.

Database unit

  •  Follow-up and updating the database of staff and teaching staff of the University.
  •  Follow up on job description updates, financial grades, bonuses, and promotions.
  •  Archive letters of financial grades, bonuses, promotions, absences and eligibility for financial grade.
  •  Support for the employees and the teachers in what concerns their entitlements in the job class, as indicated by the university and the ministry.

Identities Unit

  •  Issuing identification cards for employees and teachers at the whole university.
  •  Issuance of temporary contract employee IDs.
  •  Issuing letters on authorizing car drivers of university vehicles for private degrees and for those who are allowed to drive government cars.
  •  Checking of clearance in cases of transfer, retirement and death of an ID holder.
  • Address the Ministry about the mechanisms for updating the identity database.
  •  Address all colleges, departments and centers of the university and address the relevant authorities about the loss of identity and the the validity of the letters issued by the court and police stations in the above-mentioned particular.

The financial structure of the department and its functions: -

First: - Payroll Division

Payroll Division Officer (Kamel Mamdouh Kamel)

Division tasks: -

The Payroll Division organizes the payrolls at the university, prepares the certificates of the last salary for relocated persons and retirees, and prepares payroll statements for the accumulated vacations of local retirees, and the payroll task is to prepare all data for the payroll process.

Electronically (the Master Card) for the university as a whole. The Payroll Division also includes an operational budget fund unit. This unit distributes the university’s employee dues (salary and salary balance, statements, accumulated leave, lecture fees, wages for viva voce, etc.) and also receives and deposits the amounts returned to the university’s current account opened with the Rashid Bank, Tikrit University branch, in the name of the authorized unit of the fund (Ali Hassani Mohamed).

Second - The Investment Plan Division

Investment Plan Division Officer (Muhammad Talib Khalaf)

Division tasks: -

  • The investment plan accounts discuss the university’s investment plan for new projects and additions based on the existing buildings in the university in cooperation with the Department of Construction and Projects, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Department of Construction and Projects and the Ministry of Planning.
  • it also sends monthly reports to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Department of Reconstruction and Development / Department of Construction And the Ministry of Finance / investment plan accounts.
  •  Paying the companies dues for the working hours submitted for contracting for Tikrit University within the laws and regulations in force, as well as organizing exchange documents and registration documents for the investment plan accounts and following up the letters of guarantee submitted by companies contracting with the university.

Third: Records Division

Records Division Officer (M. Aman Mwafak Omar)

Division tasks: -

  • The Records Division prepares the monthly and final review budgets for each fiscal year and sends them to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau, and it also records all exchange documents and entries for the operational budget in the journal and also the allotment record (expenses) Deposits and advances.
  •   As for the record of trusts, it represents all the trusts of employees and all their financial affairs and their cash entitlements, and sending them to the banks.

Fourth: - Exchange Division: -

Head of the Drainage Division (Eng. Salam Hassan Jassem)

Division tasks: -

The division performs the following: -

  •  Organizing exchange documents and salary restrictions for the university presidency and its colleges.
  •  Organizing all exchange documents (internal and external statements, daily contract pay and wages, and all university work on the operational budget)

Fifth: Higher Education Fund Division

Higher Education Division Officer (M. Muhammad Jadaan Hammad)

The division performs the following: -

  •  Organizing the exchange and registration documents.
  • Preparing disbursement minutes for the Fund's Board of Directors.
  • Maintaining daily records and accounting record 66
  •  Organizing revenue for the press + computer center + TOEFL + continuing education center.

Sixth: - Financial Planning Division

Financial Planning Division Officer (M. Turkan Hassan Dawood)

Division tasks: -

The Division provides financial allocations within the operational budget sections of Tikrit University, conducts transfers between budget doors and discusses the proposed university budgets annually.

Seventh: - Equipment Division

Equipment Division Officer (Anwar Mahmoud Ghafouri)

The Division shall:

1. Preparing the list of materials required by the university and obtaining the approval of the President of the University for purchase by the Central Procurement Committee for the presidency of the university and all the committees charged with purchasing.

2. The Division receives all the materials and put them in storage, according to what is classified from the stores of furniture - stationery - devices that enter the university store from all directions equipped according to official orders.

3. After entering them in the records, they will be distributed to the departments and units as needed, according to the approval of the agencies authorized to supply.

4. At the end of each year, the warehouse division is subject to warehouse inventory committees, inventory of fixed assets in buildings and their conformity with records.