About the Department:
The Media Unit was established in 1992 with the beginning of the formation of the university presidency departments in the old site in Tikrit. After the presidency moved to the current location and the university expanded, the unit developed Information Division.
In 2006, the number of university colleges became (16), and with the increase of the tasks and duties of the media, it became a department and its divisions multiplied. The most prominent divisions are Photography, Public Relations, the University Channel, the website, as well as Government Communication.

Director of the Department: A university order was issued to assign Assistant Professor Dr. Maytham Ali Abad to manage the department in the Academic year 2015-2016.

The ex-directors: The administration of the department has been rotated since its foundation, a group of professors at Tikrit University who are known for their professionalism and credibility in reporting the news and monitoring everything new locally and globally, according to the sequence:

1. Ibrahim Saeed Al-Baidhani
2. Nibras Wafa' Badri
3. Iyad Shaban
4. Dr. Abdul Samad Abdul Jabbar
5. Yassin Mousa Taha
6. Farouk Zarzour
6.Yassin Mousa Taha
7. Maytham Ali Abbad

Vision and Mission:
The vision of the Department of Media and Public Relations at Tikrit University is to create a civilized, responsible, and educated media that adopts advanced scientific and professional foundations and standards, and that is based on the needs and aspirations of society in the renaissance, development, progress, knowledge, democracy and societal peace and spreading principles of an informed, civilized and responsible media, committed to society issues and aspirations, adopts the truth objectivity, credibility and a culture of human rights as a method.

Mission of the Department of Media and Public Relations, Tikrit University (University of All Iraqis)
The Department of Media and Public Relations at Tikrit University in our message: -
- believes in the necessity of building a person, as he/she is the basis of the nation's existence.
- believes that education is the right of everyone and to convey it is everyone's responsibility, and that the honor of learning, education, research and community service is through the provision of a distinguished and stimulating university environment, efficient human resources, and curricula that are compatible with the requirements and developments of the society.
- believes in building conscious, educated generations that are able to lead society and achieve its aspirations, and that its purpose is manifested in providing society with discreet and distinguished scientific and knowledge energies.

Objectives :
The strategic objectives of the Department of Media and Public Relations:
The most prominent strategic goal is to support scientific products and support scientific and knowledge competencies, and to make a quantum leap in its strategic performance in accordance with solid global standards in a way that mainly serves the community and improves it to put its mark in the various global scientific fields.
On this basis, some strategic objectives can be identified as follows:
1. To focus mainly on building the community with a distinct scientific knowledge.
2. To qualify, recruit and support human energies to be able to keep pace with the rapid global developments in various fields of work.
3. To enrich the society with scientific products that have direct contact with people and meeting their requirements.
4. To focus heavily on publishing and marketing scientific products within disciplined databases and global containers according to the criteria of global competition and achieving advanced positions.
5. To activate local and international relations, cooperate with local and international universities and institutions, work to enhance community service initiatives and encourage collective volunteer work, and to support and develop extra-curricular talents for students through art galleries, book fairs, museums, and various distinguished scientific laboratories.