About the department
Head of department: Assist. Inst. Nasr Abid Hasan

Vision and Mission
Dormitories are considered the second lodging for the university's dear students, especially those who come from other governorates and foreign students. This requires providing them with good residential atmosphere. For this reason, the dormitories have been established at Tikrit University since the last two decades of the 20th Century though they were linked to the colleges' deanships. Being developed, dormitories entered a new era when residential complexes were established to keep up with the increasing number of the accepted students. Due to its vital role, this department is directly linked with the University president since it mainly seeks to serve the students and spreading the spirit of cooperation, fraternity and giving among the officials of the department and the students in addition to direct the students to preserve the dormitory's public property. The department seeks to improve its performance within the coming years to fill a respectable position among the dormitories of other Iraqi universities.

The Dormitories is one of the university's important departments which seeks to attain the following:
1. Complete students' disciplined attitude.
2. Officials in charge seek to create a cooperative and fraternity spirit among the students of the dormitory.
3. Direct students towards study and diligence and compete to gain higher certificates.
4. Preparing the required buildings to lodge the students
5. Buying the required and suitable equipments for lodging the students at the dormitories.
6. Providing the required services to keep the dormitories clean and healthy.
7. Working hard to raise the dormitories rank among the university's departments and other universities as well.


An awareness symposium has been held for Corona Virus prevention, sponsored and attended by the University's president Prof. Dr. Jihad Thiyab Mahal, supervised by Assist. Inst. Nasr Abid Hasan, Head of the dormitories affairs, in coordination with The College of Nursing dean Pro. Dr. Ashour Rifa'at and attended by the co-president for administrative affair, Dr. Jasim Abbas Ali.
-Another awareness symposiums, have been held on the College of Medicine and central dormitories for female students halls in order to protect against infection by Coronavirus(Covid19). Among the attendants were a number of female students who praised the role of those in charge of the dormitories in educating against the danger of the virus and increasing awareness on its nature, the way it transmits, and the procedures of protection against it including having more vitamins C and D either found in pills or in orange juice and daily half an hour exposure to sun beams, eating Omega3 found in fish or having eating much sun flower nuts as well as drinking a lot of water daily morning.
The meeting held between the head of dormitories department, secretaries and supervisors

Assist. Inst. Mr. Nasr Abid Hasan meets secretaries and supervisors of the dormitories with the presence of the co-head of male students' affairs, co-head of female students' affairs, the head of maintenance department and the administrator of the follow up unit. The meeting discussed the role of supervising to deliver the required service to the students. The head of the department recommended the necessity to adhere to the instructions given by the ministry of health to avoid the danger of Coronavirus.

Administrative and Legislative Section
This is one of the active and important sections in the Dormitories department due to its important role. It follows up it university's administrative orders and answers them all, updating the officials data. It also follows up the officials' administrative cases that it is done with a number of cases related to officials' retirement that it issues different administrative orders and advocacies wishing them all the best for the sake of our dear university.

The section's officials:
- Hussein Nasir Abdulhamid, in charge of the section.
- Ammar Khalil Ismael.
- Ahmed Ali Dhyab.
- Ibraheem Mizher Mahmood.
- Azzam Salih Shibeeb.
- Rana Nazhan Hadi.
- Abdullah Tawfiq Ibraheem.
- Marwan Nawar Aziz.
- Mohammed Riyadh Awad.
- Noor Waqid Mahmood.
- Idrees Abdulaziz Alwash.
The Participation of the educational and psychological guidance section / Department of dormitories affairs, represented by Mr. Haitham Faris Abid, in the 1st International Conference of Educational and Psychological Sciences / Saladdin University (29th – 30th January, 2020) under the slogan of (With Education and Psychological Stability we attain a better Future)

A visit is delivered by the dean of The College of Education for Humanities, Dr. Abdullah Khalaf Salih to the caravans complex, accompanied by Mr. Nasr Abid Hasan, Head of dormitories department and a number of maintenance and service administrators to follow up the recent situation of the complex in addition to the students' problems there in order to solve them.

Honoring the recently retired officials of the dormitory department
An honoring ceremony for the 7 recently retired officials, who reache the retirement age) has been sponsored and attended by Tikrit University's president accompanied by the vice-president for administrative affairsProf. Dr. Jasim Abbas. In a speech made by the president, he emphasized the role that has been taken by these officials in their work, affirming that the university is keen to have them receiving their full rights. Mr. Nasr Abid Hasan also referred to the valuable role of them during the last years.

Continual work to establish water purification factories:
Work in these factories at the dormitories complexes ( Al-Qaddisiya complex, Al-aqwas, the central female students complex, and the college of medicine female students complex) is increasingly continual to provide our dear students with purified water according to international standards with the least cost.
*Future events
Dates of awareness symposiums against Corona virus: The department will arrange a number of awareness symposiums for the students against the dangers of Corona virus.
The dates will be as the following:
25th February, 2020, central complex for female students.
The central complex of students(postponed)
Residency Instructions at Dormitories: A form is made the students of morning, evening studies and parallel education who are willing to have a waged residential at the university's dormitories and according to the following instructions:
1. Students of the same city are not allowed to reside at dormitories.
2. Other students are not allowed unless they bring an issued approval from the ministry of the president of the university.
3. Students pay doubled cost fine for damage of dormitories' public property. The administrative is allowed to ask for an immediate fine as charge, taking into account the following:
4. If the damage is inside a room and the administrator is unable to identify the doer, then all the students dwelling in the room should pay the fine.
5. If the damage is in the corridors or bathrooms then fine is divided among the students.
6. If the student are late to pay the residential fees, twice times after warning, a final third warning is announced then the student is dismissed.
7. Visitors are not allowed inside rooms and they only received at the reception hall after taking their ID for check. If the visitor to the female dormitories is a man, then the administrator should be attendant.
8. Male visitors to female dormitories should be first class relatives (fathers, uncles, brothers).
9. Nobody is allowed to enter the dormitory unless for urgent cases after coordinating with the dormitories supervisors and nobody is allowed to interfere with their work.
A student id dismissed from the dormitory in the following cases:
1. Robbery or immoral doing.
2. Forbidden possession
3. Intentional damage of the dormitory's property.
4. Violent attack against a dormitory staff member.
5. Spreading political ideas that cause dispute.
Summer residence
Heads of dormitories are authorized to open a section or some sections of the dormitories if needed, in case some students resume theit undergraduate or postgraduate studies during the summer holiday anf fees are completely taken with a receipt in return.

Dates of receiving postgraduate students to register at the dormitories:
Registration for the academic year 2018-2019 begins on Sunday, 9/9/2018 anf the required documents are:
1. University issue of study allowance.
2. The security receipt to enter the city.
3. The four formal documents (original and copied).
4. Four copies of modern personal photo.
5. Residency fees of 500,000 ID

Announcement to all students of dormitories:
Important announcement: housing section is informing all students that in case of postponing or transmission , a student should submit a clearance to the housing section to be assigned by them.
1. A clarification concerning the displaced students who are beneficent of dormitories including (displaced students of Mosul University, Anbar University)
2. In case of student's failure fees are doubles unless the student postpones for medical reasons or urgent conditions approved by the university president after the student submits a written request for postponing , mentioning reasons.
3. Only students of scientific departments (list 1) and relatives of security forces' martyrs are exempted of fees after they submit the required proof documents.
Fees of the dormitories beneficent students:
1. 100,000 ID for morning and parallel studies.
2. 200,000 ID for general admission (postgraduate students)
3. 300,000 ID for evening studies.
4. 300,000 ID special expense (postgraduate studies)
5. 750,000 ID for private learning in case a place is available.
Fees are doubled for the following year in case a student fails in study except a student postpones for urgent or medical purposes approved by the university's president.
Top students of scientific departments, relative of security and army forces' relatives, as well as displaced students of general admission are exempted of fees after they submit the required proof documents.
The date of receiving and housing students for the academic year 2019-2020 will be Sunday 4th October, 2019 until 1st November, 2019 (except 1st year students) and they should bring with them the following documents:
1. Security approval.
2. A copied ID.
3. A copied nationality certificate.
4. University ID, copied (except 1st year students)
5. Recent personal photo, 4 copies.
6. A copy of housing ID approved by the city council.
7. Student's results for the previous year.
8. College advocacy issued by the registration unit of the college only.