About the department:
Head of the department:
Name: Imad Salih Ni'imah Al-hadity
Date of birth: 5th October, 1960
Address: Salahaddin
Scientific certifications:

  • Bachelor of Accounting, Baghdad University, 1982
  • Master of Accounting, Jordan University, 1993
  • Lecturer at the College of Administration and Economy / Department of accounting.

Positions held:
• Accounting Unity Administrator/ Tikrit University 1994-2000
• Accountant of the Engineering Consultant office/ Tikrit University 1995- 2008
• Head of the Presidency's Auditing Department/ Tikrit University 2000-2001
• Head of Projects Accounts Department/ Tikrit University, 2001-2003
• Head of Financial Affairs Department/ Tikrit University, 2003-2006, 2008-2009
• Co-Head of Accounting Department/ College of Administration and Economy/ Tikrit University, 2011
• Head of Accounting Department, College of Administration and Economy, Tikrit University, 2011-2013
• Head of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance Department/ Tikrit University, 2018
Courses taught:

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Medium Accounting
  • Administrative Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial censorship
  • Governmental Accounting
  • Auditing Essentials
  • Methods of Research
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Advanced Auditing
  • Accounting System of Information
  • Unitary Accounting System
  • Theory of Accounting
  • - Supervising 7 postgraduate students. M.A. / Accounting Department/ Tikrit University.

1. Modern Approaches and Techniques in the Materials' Logistics and Administration at Arab foundations – Arab Foundation Administrative training and consultancy- Cairo- Egypt- 2005
2. International Accounting Criteria, Iraqi Association of Accountants and Auditors, Tikrit Branch, 2005.
3. Modern Methods of Financial Analysis and cash flows lists, Malaysia, 2012
4. Advanced Financial Administration course, USA, 2012.
5. Erbil/ Iraq University Linkages project Partenership, Workshop: Tikrit University and Ball State University, 2013.
6. The Iraqi University Linkage Program Final Sustainability Conference 2013 Erbil- Iraq.
7. Academic Leadership Course2013 Erbil- Iraq
8. Applying Statistical Methods in auditing the Quality of Governmental services according to the International standard of ISO/TR10017 , Egypt, 2014.
9. The World Bank, Training Workshop for University Accounting Deans and Professors: Exploring International Standards in Financial Reporting, Auditing and Universitry Accounting Education 2014, Amman, Jordan.
10. The World Bank, Accounting Curriculum Enhancement Workshop 2014 UAE, Dubai.
11. Workshop in The Way to Calculate Indicators in the National Classification Form for Iraqi Universities Quality. Baghdad, The Ministry of Higher Education 2018.
12. A Training Course in Internal Auditing according to the standard ISO, 9001:2015, Istanbul 16-23 April, 2019.
Goals and Perspectives: The main goal is to introduce the academic society to the importance of Educational institutions and using the available means to spread Quality education along the university, then to raise the national and international ranking of Tikrit University to reach the ranks of international universities.
Phone: 009647701716919

Vision: Consolidating the competitive situation by depending on the criteria of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance and through keeping up with the scientific international development in order to reach the international levels of higher education.

Mission: Gaining social trust through the educational, social and research services provided by the university and through Quality assurance, proficiency performance and continuous enhancement of the developing programs and projects according to the university's mission and main goals. Hence, a qualitative improvement in academic teaching will be attained that keeps up with the international standards of Quality assurance and accreditation in different fields of science and technology in formation.

1. Preparing the university to fulfill the requirements and procedures of the national committee of Quality Assurance and Accreditation.
2. Fulfilling the mission of the college and its strategic goals through Quality Assurance in addition to educational, social and research activities.
3. Spreading the education of Quality Assurance and Accreditation among the staff members and their assistants as well as the members of the administrative system, workers and the university students.
4. Applying the standards of accreditation and Quality setting on the university's colleges, departments, and its related administrative units.
5. Gaining the social trust in alumni's according to international standards of Quality performance and informational diversity that pleases society .
6. Consolidating the University / Society relationship and improving the college submitted services.
7. Cooperation and consolidating relationship with the national, regional and international institutions of Quality Assurance and Accreditation.
8. Creating compatibility among different activities, programs and projects which seek to improve the educational process.