The Section of Rehabilitation and Employment
The idea of introducing the Section of Rehabilitation, Employment, and Trailing has emerged as a response to the increasing number of graduate students. In fact, this particular number increases excessively without being directed and organized by certain systematic order. However, the emergence of the section of rehabilitation, employment, and trailing places things in their suitable order through suggesting certain successful methods. These methods help to orient the students towards new directions that will enable them to find jobs in private sector rather than the public one in the future.
Accordingly, the approval of His Excellency, the Minster of Scientific Research and Higher Education, was obtained on the 7th of October, 2016 and decided that this section should be introduced among all Iraqi universities. Under this title, The Section of Rehabilitation and Employment, it is administratively linked to the office of the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs. Technically, it is linked to the Department of Studies, Planning, and Trailing/ Trailing Department at the Ministry's Center.
Vision: This Unit aims at graduating an employee who is qualified to work in local and global companies. In other words, it aims at presenting an employee who possesses certain skills and abilities by which he is qualified to work in the labor market.
Mission: Contributing to the development and qualification of graduate skills so as to suit the requirements of private sector companies and thus reducing unemployment and integrating educational outcomes into the labor market.
1- Establishing and spreading the idea of working in the private sector instead of the public one.
2- Activating the role of the private sector to invest in the university.
3- Providing the labor market with staff of graduates who have the skills that qualify them to be engaged in the labor market.
4- Providing a good environment suitable for training students at the university.
5- Maintaining students' communication with economic institutions, unions, professional societies, and others.
6- Enabling students, who are about to graduate, to participate in meetings between the academic and businessmen's world and forums

Duties and Tasks of the Section
1- Training and qualifying students with additional skills for the purpose of integrating them into the labor market. This is achieved by means of holding training workshops required in this field.
2- Helping to employ graduates by contacting private and public companies to find job opportunities that suit the graduates' aspiration and the academic experiences they have acquired in their university alongside the training experiences they acquired in the Section of Rehabilitation, Employment, and Following-up.
3- Coordination, preparation, and holding job fairs in corporation with private and governmental companies for the purpose of establishing bridges of communication with graduate students.
4- Following up the graduates after being employed and thus clarifying the weak and strong points regarding their performance, and then submitting periodic reports to their colleges regarding adjusting school's curriculum according to requirements of the labor market.