A technical team from Tikrit University, under the supervision of the Vice- President of the University for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Jawdat Kazim Abbas, with the full support of the Cisco International Academy at Tikrit University, launched a platform called "Tikrit University Platform for E-Learning""

Initially, it was operating under the name:

Webex Support Staff

Which aims to:

-Prepare workshops, seminars and courses and support the discussions of post-graduate studies.

- The preparation of a teaching staff to accompany the digital transformation.

- Training college council representatives to manage their college councils and departments electronically.

- Supporting employees and teaching staff of Tikrit University by creating the appropriate conditions to conduct electronic lectures remotely and have full support in the form of slides for the lecture and then create a lecture model with them through our platform to record and publish the lecture.

- SISCO applications are very safe and supported by global networks of Cisco Academy , an institution within our university.

- Hosting lecturers from inside and outside Iraq.

- Conference support.

-Support for the government and electronic administration adopted by our university.