On the occasion of the beginning of month of holy Ramadan, May Allah Almighty bring it back every year with grace and blessings on everyone, the University of Tikrit began, and in cooperation with the Organization of the Tajdeed Iraq for the development of economy /RNA Center / Tikrit to distribute food baskets to poor and needy families as a result of the lockdown, and most of the work stopped due to the spread of the Corona virus. The head of the university professor , Dr. Jihad Diab said that this volunteer initiative comes to promote cohesion among the people of the province and the belief in the role of the university in the service and support of the community. It is worth mentioning that the university had produced sterilant and the protective mask of viruses and distributed it for free to families , needy and those working in the security and health sectors. 

 These steps come under the supervision directly from the presidency of the University.