Prof. Dr. Jihad Dhiyab Mahal, President of Tikrit University, blessed the recent efforts of university professors and researchers, which enabled the university to officially enter the Russian classification   RUR for the first time , and sequentially sixth among Iraqi universities and global sequence 729. Prof. Dr. Jawdat Kadhim, Vice- President of the University for Scientific Affairs, stated that "With the direct guidance of the President of the University and the efforts of the specialized committees and deanships of colleges, the university worked for several months to fulfill the classification terms and was crowned with the success that the University of Tikrit deserves, indicating that the university seeks within successive steps to enter into certified international classifications.

It is reported that (RUR Rankings) are among the independent rating agencies, located in Moscow, Russia , where it prepares a global university classification. It assesses the effectiveness of the world's leading universities based on 20 indicators distributed across 4 major dimensions areas such as education, research, international diversity and financial sustainability.