Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Jihad Dhiyab Mahal, President of Tikrit University and under the direct supervision of the Dean of the College of Science, Dr. Muhammad Rashid Aboud, a special campaign was launched to distribute disinfectants and sterilizers to the needy and displaced families, security forces and health sector employees in several districts of the city of Tikrit and its surroundings.

The dean confirmed, "The lect. Fouad Nihad Abd, from the Department of Chemistry at the College of Science, was able to produce more than (1000) thousand liters of disinfectants and sterilizers of very high quality and conforming to the standards of the World Health Organization within the university's laboratories."  

"The Lecturer Fouad Nihad explained, "Today, a campaign for the distribution of products was launched after completing their tests, where eighty baskets containing three types of disinfectants were prepared , the first containing one and a half liters of general disinfectant, and the second to a liter and a half of the external disinfectant and the third was hand disinfectant with (500) ml. These sterilizers are high-quality in the local market, and this initiative launched by the university is part of serving the vulnerable and displaced families, the security forces, and the health sector.”